Selah Groove is a faith based Dance & Art Academy focusing on inspiring todays culture. It is our desire to impact our world through the creativity of the arts. We strive to showcase the innocence and purity of the arts as, we bring glory to God in all we do. We dedicate ourselves in encouraging, supporting and uplifting our students to strife in their God given talent. We have classes for all ages, from babies to adults! Its our honor to bless our students & their families with all types of different classes. Classes where they can feel a part of something bigger & amazing! Selah Groove offers classes to grow not only in their talent, but as an individual.

We have 2 performances a year for friends/family & the community. We may perform at various churches/street fairs & events. Classes consists of instruction, technique, specific corrections, across the floor combinations, performance combinations & prayer. Every quarter students are given an evaluation on progress & every 2 times a year they will be able to move up to the next level or given a certificate on outstanding performance, outstanding kindness or helpful in class with peers as well as a certificate for achievement in dance, music, art level..

Teaching the gift of giving/blessing others! Selah dollars- Students will receive 1 Selah dollar every time they attend class, $1 every time they know dance without looking at another, $1 every time they perform dance by their self, $1 every time they add character/smiles to their dance. That is $4 every class & $28 dollars every month! Students will get to purchase from the Kings Store gifts for families, friends/sponsor a friend. 4-5 times a year they will get to purchase gifts only to give out to another for Valentines, Easter, Christmas& families/ friends Birthday. This special program will help our students learn the beauty of blessing another with a gift & earning Selah bucks to do this! 1 time a year they will be allowed to purchase a special item for themselves. We want to give back to our community & this is another way we want to show our love!

Service Projects

Service Projects students/families involved in throughout the year.
Bags of blessings made & given to the following.

  • Colina De Luz Orphanage
  • Polinsky Center
  • Pre teen camp
  • Operation Christmas Child